This is the reference page for the XML element activity-date.


The planned and actual start and completion dates of the activity. Start dates may reflect either the commencement of funding, planning or physical activity. End dates should, wherever possible, reflect the ending of physical activity.

The narrative content may contain text (e.g. 2011Q1) for accurately recording less specific dates such as month, quarter, or year.


This element must occur at least once (within each parent element).

activity-date[@type='1' or @type='2'] must be present.



An IATI code defining the type of activity date being reported.

This attribute is required.

This value must be of type xsd:string.

This value must be on the ActivityDateType codelist.


This attribute is required.

This value must be of type xsd:date.

activity-date[@type='1']/@iso-date must be before or the same as activity-date[@type='3']/@iso-date

activity-date[@type='2']/@iso-date must be before or the same as activity-date[@type='4']/@iso-date

activity-date[@type='2']/@iso-date must not be in the future.

activity-date[@type='4']/@iso-date must not be in the future.

Example Usage

Example activity-date for an``iati-activity``.

The @type attribute declares a valid code (1) from the ActivityDateType codelist.
An example date is declared in the @iso-date attribute.
Example date format conforms to the xsd:date standard - for most cases YYYY-MM-DD is sufficient.
<activity-date iso-date="2012-04-28" type="1" />
The activity-date element can be repeated in any iati-activity.
In this example four activity-date are declared.
  <activity-date iso-date="2012-04-15" type="1">
   <narrative>Planned start date of the activity</narrative>
   <narrative xml:lang="fr">Date prévue de début de l'activité</narrative>
  <activity-date iso-date="2012-04-28" type="2" />
  <activity-date iso-date="2015-12-31" type="3" />

Note: In some cases, not all ActivityDateType codes can be declared, depending on the activity-status of the iati-activity

Note: All instances of the ActivityDateType code 2 & 4 (actual dates) are not expected to be in the future.



Freetext is no longer allowed with this element. It should now be declared with the new child narrative element.

The ActivityDateType codelist was changed to numeric codes

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