This is the reference page for the XML element transaction.


Transactions recording committed or actual funds flowing in or out of an aid activity.


This element may occur any number of times.



An internal reference linking this transaction back to the publisher’s financial management system.

This value must be of type xsd:string.


A process flag to indicate that this transaction relates entirely or partially to humanitarian aid. If the entire activity relates to humanitarian aid this should be reported using iati-activity/@humanitarian, rather than for each transaction.

This value must be of type xsd:boolean.

Example Usage

Example transaction in an iati-activity.

This element is a parent for other child elements.
An example @ref of 1234 is declared.
<transaction ref="1234">
An example which would denote this as a humanitarian transaction i.e. with the @humanitarian element set to ‘1’.
<transaction ref="1234">
Full example with all child elements:
  <transaction ref="1234" humanitarian="1">
   <transaction-type code="1" />
   <transaction-date iso-date="2012-01-01" />
   <value currency="EUR" value-date="2012-01-01">1000</value>
    <narrative>Transaction description text</narrative>
   <provider-org provider-activity-id="BB-BBB-123456789-1234AA" type="10" ref="BB-BBB-123456789">
    <narrative>Agency B</narrative>
   <receiver-org receiver-activity-id="AA-AAA-123456789-1234" type="23" ref="AA-AAA-123456789">
    <narrative>Agency A</narrative>
   <disbursement-channel code="1" />
   <sector vocabulary="2" code="111" />
   <!--Note: only a recipient-region OR a recipient-country is expected-->
   <recipient-country code="TM" />
   <recipient-region code="616" vocabulary="1" />
   <flow-type code="10" />
   <finance-type code="110" />
   <aid-type code="A01" vocabulary="1" />
   <aid-type code="1" vocabulary="2" />
   <tied-status code="3" />
The transaction element can be repeated in any iati-activity.



The humanitarian attribute was added.

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