IATI Activity


Within the IATI activity standard the iati-activity is the building block to describe development cooperation activities.

An iati-activity represents a distinct grouping of information that reports various facts of an activity.

A human-readable title and description for an iati-activity can be provided using:

  • title - a short, human-readable title.

  • description - a longer, human-readable description.


When using the IATI activity standard to declare an iati-activity, the following should be considered:

  • Every iati-activity must have a globally unique iati-identifier

  • Publishers can decide on how best to structure and segment their data around one or several iati-activity

  • Publishers can decide to utilise the @hierarchy attribute to represent subdivision of units of aid.

  • A publisher can set a default language and @default-currency, that is then used throughout the iati-activity. This can be overridden in subsequent elements however.

  • The @last-updated-datetime date must change whenever the value of any field within the associated iati-activity is updated.

  • It is recommended that the title should be concise and jargon-free

  • A description can have different focal points, by using the appropriate DescriptionType codelist

  • The free-text instances of title and description should avoid use of text in CAPITALS, where possible.

  • Both the title and descriptions can be repeated for different languages.

  • When an iati-activity is being implemented in a recipient-country where the official language is different to that of the reporting-org it is recommended that activity title and description are provided in all official reporting-org and recipient-country languages

2.01+ Considerations

In versions 2.01 and above, the following must also be considered:

  • The title and description are mandatory elements of any iati-activity.

  • Any freetext title or description must be included in the child narrative element, which can be repeated for different languages.

  • The order of the elements presented in any iati-activity must follow the order set out in the schema.