This is the reference page for the XML element iati-identifier.


A globally unique identifier for the activity.

This MUST be prefixed with EITHER the current IATI organisation identifier for the reporting organisation (reporting-org/@ref) OR a previous identifier reported in other-identifier, and suffixed with the organisation’s own activity identifier. The prefix and the suffix should be separated by a hyphen “-“.

Once an activity has been reported to IATI its identifier MUST NOT be changed in subsequent updates.


The text in this element must be of type xsd:string.

This element must occur once and only once (within each parent element).

iati-identifier should match the regex [^\/\&\|\?]+

Example Usage

Example iati-identifier of an iati-activity.

Example uses a concatenation of the reporting-org identifier AA-AAA-123456789 and the internal activity identifier ABC123.

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