Within the IATI organisation standard three types of budgets can be declared.

These all relate to the specific iati-organisation being described:

  • total-budget - total annual planned budget of the iati-organisation.

  • recipient-org-budget - budget for disbursements to another organisation.

  • recipient-country-budget - budget for each country in which the iati-organisation operates.


When using the IATI organisation standard to declare budgets, the following should be considered:

  • It is recommended that budgets in the IATI organisation standard are forward-looking.

  • It is recommended, where possible, that budgets are presented for the next three financial years.

  • When presenting multiple budgets, then the relevant budget element should be repeated accordingly.

  • It is possible to report periods other than financial years, but this is not recommended.

  • Financial periods are presented using the period-start and period-end dates.

  • It is expected that financial years appropriate to the relevant iati-organisation would be described.

  • It is strongly recommended that the period-start and period-end of the financial years described for any recipient-country-budget match the budgetary/planning cycle of the recipient-country.

  • It is possible to report budget values in multiple @currency.

  • The @default-currency can be set in the iati-organisation element. Should subsequent budgets be in the same @currency then there is no need to restate.

  • When declaring a value-date for any budget, this date must be in the past.

2.01 Considerations

In version 2.01, the following must also be considered:

  • The budget-line element was introduced.