Within the IATI organisation standard any number of links to relevant documents can be declared using:

  • document-link - a categorized link to an external document.


When using the IATI organisation standard to declare documents, the following should be considered:

  • In the IATI organisation standard, documents that relate to the organisation/agency would be linked to. iati-activity specific documents are published via the IATI activity standard.

  • All document-link should be presented in the form of URLs (eg:

  • The URL must resolve to a valid internet address that provides direct access to the document in question.

  • Attention should be paid by the publisher to any links that become obsolete.

  • If the documents are in different languages, which are available at different URLs, then repeat the document-link element

  • If the same document has multiple languages within it, then repeat the language element.

  • For every document presented either a title or category is expected (or both).

  • The title element can be repeated for different languages, regardless of the language of the actual document.

  • The free-text instances of title should avoid use of text in CAPITALS, where possible.

  • For document category in the IATI organisation standard, it is expected that the DocumentCategory code would be have the B prefix.

  • DocumentCategory code A documents should only be reported if there is a good reason for the document not to be linked to a specific iati-activity.

  • Using the @format attribute helps inform what to expect from the document.

  • Use of the @format must be accompanied by a code on the FileFormat codelist.

2.01 Considerations

In version 2.01, the following must also be considered:

  • In version 2.01 of the IATI Standard, the schema data type used for some data fields where a URL is expected is now set as xsd:anyURI.

  • Any freetext title must be included in the child narrative element, which can be repeated for different languages.