Within the IATI activity standard it is expected that classifications information is provided for any iati-activity


  • sector - the thematic catgory (or set of categories) an iati-activity operates with

Additionally, the following classifications enable the publication of various codes (often associated with CRS++ reporting)

  • policy-marker

  • collaboration-type

  • default-finance-type

  • default-flow-type

  • default-aid-type

  • default-tied-status


When using the IATI activity standard to declare documents, the following should be considered:

  • An iati-activity can have singular or multiple sector

  • When multiple sector are described, then a @percentage should be declared for each. All reported sectors from the same vocabulary must add up to 100%.

  • A @vocabulary can be declared when describing a sector. This must be on the Vocabulary codelist.

  • If no @vocabulary is declared, then the DAC 5 digit codelist is assumed.

  • A reporting-org can declare their own @vocabulary, via using the 99 (Reporting Org) Vocabulary code.

  • Multiple or singular policy-marker can also be described. Unlike sector, there is no @percentage attribute to add.

  • The classifications of default-finance-type, default-flow-type, default-aid-type and default-tied-status apply to the whole iati-activity. These can be overridden within a single transaction via using any of finance-type , flow-type , aid-type and/or tied-status.

  • If an iati-activity is either wholly tied, partially tied or untied it is recommended that the appropriate default-tied-status code is used.

  • If an iati-activity has more than one tied status it is recommended that the reported commitment(s) are split into the relevant tied, untied and/or partially-tied amounts and tied-status is reported at transaction level. (NB that tied status should be reported for commitments only.)

2.01+ Considerations

In versions 2.01 and above, the following must also be considered:

  • A sector is mandatory.

  • Descriptive text / name is no longer supported for any classification elements.

  • A sector can also be published as child elements of a transaction. When this is done, it is expected that all transaction include such data, whilst sector is subsequently not included at the iati-activity level.